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There you are - a neatly folded letter, every now and then. / Headphonica

- Dienstag Dez 2 - 11:57am

headphonica artitsts SUMMERFUGL (Jan Grünfeld) -
- Dienstag Okt 28 - 10:53am
- Dienstag Okt 21 - 8:17pm

hey PARIS! THE PLASTIC JAZZ ORCHESTRA will play at @DWNSTR_ tommorrow! ---
- Freitag Okt 17 - 8:52pm

hpcd107 / Strom An/Ein/Aus Fall


East Germany in the 90′s was a comatose place, so where to waste your time there? Of course we do in fictional worlds like “Sarasaland” or “Crocodile Isle”. Bound to our childhood adventures we still enjoy the Nintendo Game Boy game console, but now for real challenges in popular music.

hpcd106 / abc100

dirty dishes from a hostile cosmos

well, this is the last abc100 release.

hplive013 / The Basic Income Earth Network

The Art Of Boredom I

1 The Art Of Boredom
2 If I Had Money, I Would Have Money
3 Verarbeite, Was Dich Verarbeitet
4 If Not Now, When?

The music is made out of voice.

hpcd105 / Jan Grünfeld

A Trace

The last four or five years I followed a trail. Plenty of footprints. I collected tracks, pointing in different directions. Now the traces are almost beyond recognition. But you can still listen to it. This is so cool! Goodbye little island!

hpcd104 / Phonotrash


Elsewhere was recorded in winter 2010 in our rehearsal place. The line-up was Tomaž/bass, Simon/guitar and Borut/drums. We used an old electronic drumset with, an electric guitar with low budget fx-units, an electric bass guitar with fx unit and bass guitar synth. Everything was recorded, edited and mixed in a d.i.y. method. The aim was to create very organic and alien sounding lo-fi music.