The Basic Income Earth Network — The Art Of Boredom 3

In fact, I could ima­gine the piece on head­phones dur­ing a train jour­ney. I myself have not tried it yet. But it should be an older train mod­el. One that still brings enough noise pro­por­tion with it. Noise, rat­tling, squeak­ing. And a cer­tain speed to be achieved. A mael­strom of noise. This brief hour then go through without being inter­rup­ted by the con­duct­or.

»Time is love« is appar­ent from a three-hour radio impro­visa­tion, taken on 07/13/2013. Pre­pared and determ­ined, espe­cially for this part of the pro­gram, were titles, piano motif, vocal line, beats and dur­a­tion.

Track­list / PLAY
  1. Time is love

recor­ded 07132013 at Bauhaus.FM

Music: Tommy Neuwirth
Mari­an Rein­ig


Jan Grünfeld — Music for plants

»Hello, I am Jan Grün­feld and this is my album “Music for plants”. When you read the title, you expect no rock’n’roll, indie or pop. Of course, the music is pretty ambi­ent. The key ingredi­ents for a suc­cess­ful track are there­fore: good soil, a sun­trap, occa­sion­ally rain and fresh air. Well and head­phones!

The tracks are based on a live impro­visa­tion with elec­tric gui­tar and a loop­ing machine. I recor­ded the music in the sum­mer of 2014 on a huge bal­cony of an old villa in Bad Muskau, right at the Ger­man-Pol­ish bor­der a very arca­di­an place!

Dur­ing the last and this year I’ve done a few over­dubs, again mainly gui­tar, a little piano and bass — the most import­ant thing is to remain the live impro­visa­tions. In “Night­shade” I tried a dif­fer­ent way of work­ing: a vocal line dis­torded by the vocoder and arranged a few chilly pat­terns around. Every album needs a coun­ter­point.

I got act­ive sup­port of Anna Maria with singing and with her spe­cial toy orches­tra. Some beau­ti­ful field-record­ings were giv­en by Bartek and Ian (my Sound­Cloud fol­low­ers). The beau­ti­ful video to “Sower” made my labelmate Tommy.

Inspir­a­tions dur­ing the record­ing came from the music of Talk Talk in 1989, a few older Krautrock records and the first album by The Orb.

The highly pop­u­lar title “Music for Plants” I’ve also chosen to get ran­dom hits on Google. Yes, it works! The music is free, like a sun­trap. The plants grow bet­ter with my music! But not turn up too loud! And do not for­get to water!«

Track­list / PLAY
  1. Sower
  2. UP!
  3. Come Gentle Spring, Come At Winter’s End
  4. Full Bloom
  5. The Night­shade
  6. Youth takes it’s bow
  7. Feel alife

Music: Jan Grün­feld
Cov­er Art­work: Mari­an Rein­ig

Music for plants” is a joint release by La bèl & Head­phon­ica.


Ana Bogner — Multiple Proportions

And then, all of a sud­den, as if the storm came to an end, the room became silent. One heard a silent rat­tling remind­ing us of sun­der­ing thoughts, but still the room was silent. There was a roar of anepia around us, a shaft of light above the hori­zon start­ing to scream. Then we lay, floated, lay again on the con­stantly shape­shift­ing floor, being held by contemplation’s grip. Bridges formed, rup­tures yawned, their mouthes, wide open at first, slowly clos­ing (this is the work of our scars set in motion). There are mon­sters in that soul, wait­ing for you. The spir­al repulsed, and the waves broke against the rock, untiredly seep­ing fur­ther towards the Noth­ing of this world. You’ll be found by waves which pass through everything, and if you dare to fol­low them, you’ll find entropy. But not an entropy of loud­ness, no. An entropy sketched and betokened, an entropy enmesh­ing and unwind­ing. And all of this in a feed­back of reci­pro­city, freed from the hier­archy of a pre­de­ter­mined approach. It repeats and remains non-identic­al to itself. Since I built it in my mind i know: they haven‘t built the city we need. The room was filled with sound, but still the room was silent.

Track­list / PLAY
  1. I can hear the wind
  2. In circles
  3. Mon­sters
  4. The city we need

The release was recor­ded in 2013–14.

Music: Ana Bogn­er
Mas­ter­ing: André Klar
Cov­er Art­work: Mari­an Rein­ig

in friendly col­lab­or­a­tion with relat­iv kollekt­iv


Strom An/Ein/Aus Fall — st

East Ger­many in the 90’s was a comatose place, so where to waste your time there? Of course we do in fic­tion­al worlds like “Sarasa­land” or “Cro­codile Isle”. Bound to our child­hood adven­tures we still enjoy the Nin­tendo Game Boy game con­sole, but now for real chal­lenges in pop­u­lar music.

Strom An/Ein/Aus Fall are the bioin­form­atician “But­ton A” also known as 2Pol and the artist “But­ton B”.

Track­list / PLAY
  1. Sach­er­torte
  2. Cuts’N’Maus
  3. 110
  4. Res­cue the mater­i­al girl
  5. Es ist nicht schön allein zu sein
  6. Kill Kitty
  7. Erich

Mas­ter­ing: Clem­ens Kyn­ast
Cov­er Art­work:  Mari­an Rein­ig

The Release was recor­ded in 2012.


abc100 — dirty dishes from a hostile cosmos

well, this is the last abc100 release.

Track­list / PLAY
  1. Agrh­h­Laser
  2. Ikla
  3. Jina and Mike
  4. Night
  5. Radi­oKnight
  6. Rest­slick
  7. Xotk

Music: abc100
Cov­er Art­work: Patric Dreier


The Basic Income Earth Network — The Art Of Boredom I

Bore­dom is an emo­tion­al state exper­i­enced when an indi­vidu­al is left without any­thing in par­tic­u­lar to do, and not inter­ested in their sur­round­ings. (Quote: Wiki­pe­dia)

The Basic Income Earth Net­work is a net­work of aca­dem­ics and act­iv­ists inter­ested in the idea of a uni­ver­sal basic income, i.e. a guar­an­teed min­im­um income based solely on cit­izen­ship and not on work require­ment or char­ity. It serves as a link between indi­vidu­als and groups com­mit­ted to or inter­ested in basic income, and fosters informed dis­cus­sion on this top­ic through­out the world. (Quote: Wiki­pe­dia)

The music was recor­ded in a 4 hours last­ing live impro­visa­tion in the col­legi­ate radio-stu­dio of Bauhaus.FM (Wei­mar, Ger­many).

Every hour had a head­line. Every head­line gave the words to the sing­er.

1 The Art Of Bore­dom
2 If I Had Money, I Would Have Money
3 Ver­arbeite, Was Dich Ver­arbeitet
4 If Not Now, When?

The music is made out of voice. There is nearly no oth­er instru­ment been used.

Track­list / PLAY
  1. The Art Of Bore­dom I
  2. The Art Of Bore­dom II
  3. If I Had Money, I Would Have Money I
  4. If I Had Money, I Would Have Money II
  5. If I Had Money, I Would Have Money III
  6. If I Had Money, I Would Have Money IV
  7. If I Had Money, I Would Have Money V
  8. Ver­arbeite, Was Dich Ver­arbeitet I
  9. Ver­arbeite, Was Dich Ver­arbeitet II
  10. Ver­arbeite, Was Dich Ver­arbeitet III
  11. If Not Now, When? I
  12. If Not Now, When? II
  13. If Not Now, When? III
  14. If Not Now, When? IV

Music: Tommy Neuwirth

Pho­to­graphy: Rafael Jové
Graph­ic-Design: Mari­an Rein­ig

this record­ing is only avail­able as mp3 320kps because the record­ing qual­ity was not bet­ter. lossless formats would have been a lie.


Jan Grünfeld — A Trace

»The last four or five years I fol­lowed a trail. Plenty of foot­prints. I col­lec­ted tracks, point­ing in dif­fer­ent dir­ec­tions. Now the traces are almost bey­ond recog­ni­tion. But you can still listen to it. This is so cool! Good­bye little island!«

Track­list / PLAY
  1. Die Insel
  2. Sunny Sea Walk
  3. Climbed Trees (sung by Cat)
  4. Gute Nacht
  5. In The Fields
  6. The Tick­et
  7. Wolke 7
  8. Tekiya
  9. Warsz­a­wa
  10. Farewell To The Island
  11. Girls On A Swing
  12. Beer­entee
  13. A Trace

Traces are recor­ded, col­lec­ted and drawn by Jan Gru­en­feld

Graph­ic Design: Mari­an Rein­ig


Phonotrash — Elsewhere

Else­where was recor­ded in winter 2010 in our rehears­al place. The line-up was Tomaž/bass, Simon/guitar and Borut/drums. We used an old elec­tron­ic drum­set with, an elec­tric gui­tar with low budget fx-units, an elec­tric bass gui­tar with fx unit and bass gui­tar synth. Everything was recor­ded, edited and mixed in a d.i.y. meth­od. The aim was to cre­ate very organ­ic and ali­en sound­ing lo-fi music.

Track­list / PLAY
  1. 4th Dimen­sion
  2. Time Bend­ing
  3. 100 Miles
  4. Astro Glam
  5. Else­where
  6. Scan­ners
  7. Star­dust
  8. Tele­port­ing
  9. Quantum Bubbles
  10. Worm­hole

el. Gui­tar: Simon Ber­goč
Bass Gui­tar: Tomaž Valenčič
el. Drums: Bor­ut Matičič

Cov­er Art­work: Mari­an Rein­ig