owlface — and still the ground is frozen

I’ve often wondered if plants dream as they sleep through the winter,  and if they do, do they remem­ber their dreams when they wake in the  spring? Does the nature of the dream effect how they grow that sea­son? I think one of the biggest gifts I’ve been giv­en was to be woken up while I was hav­ing a night­mare.

though that this col­lec­tion of songs brings up the feel­ing of forced sur­render, winter comes with such an unapo­lo­get­ic quick­ness here… Its almost reas­sur­ing though, a relief even, this music reflects that feel­ing.”

Track­list / PLAY
  1. goose woman
  2. killing frost
  3. lady bird
  4. men­ica
  5. old­crow
  6. otter people
  7. patience

Music: Shawn Jack­in­sky
Cov­er-Art­work: Iska Kaek


Visciera — Happiness

It has been a few months now, since I have pub­lished my first music­al release, a six track EP named “Six Bits Of Black Broken Glass”. At that time, there were already some new ideas float­ing around, which now have become anoth­er release called “Hap­pi­ness”. It is much more con­cep­tu­al, coher­ent and full of small ref­er­ences — intern­al ones, that glue togeth­er the songs and extern­al ones, that embody my deep admir­a­tion to artists that influ­enced this. I hope you’ll enjoy listen­ing to it and maybe dis­cov­er one or anoth­er of these ref­er­ences.”

Track­list / PLAY
  1. Me Burn­ing
  2. Black­box­cripplema­chine
  3. Writ­ten in Red
  4. Hap­pines
  5. Rap­ture
  6. Love
  7. Watch The Room Burst

All tracks writ­ten, pro­duced and mixed by Flori­an Cziesla

Mas­ter­ing: Cem Oral at Jam­min Mas­ters
Cov­er-Art­work:  Vic­tor­ia Kure-Wu


Björn & Gorden — rrmx

Once the duo Björn & Gorden made the won­der­ful EP Elec­trr con­tain­ing the song II.

Here we have a col­or­ful leaf salad out of the undressed II. A punch of well known head­phonic­artists helped to find inter­est­ing point of views of drums, bass and gui­tars.

Thanks to Björn & Gorden for set­ting II free! Thanks to the rrmx’s!

Track­list / PLAY
  1. II
  2. II (Remix by The Starry Tides)
  3. II (Nev­er Made a Longer Ver­sion Edit by Caps’n’Spaces)
  4. II (Oltre le Colonne d’Ercole Remix by Monos)
  5. II (Arrhyth­mix by Lez­et)
  6. II (Between I and I Remix by the1983)
  7. II (Absent Remix by Silence Is Full Of Birds)
  8. II (Remix by Ant­on)
  9. II (Disco Edit)
  10. II (Remix by Broken Hours)
  11. II (Noise Impro­visa­tion Mix by Wor­rg)

Music: Björn & Gorden
Cov­er-Art­work: Chris­toph­er Glass

The Starry Tides
Silence Is Full Of Birds
Broken Hours


Marcel Pequel — From One To Nine

I don’t have any con­ecp­tion while mak­ing my music. I just simply make the music that I enjoy, and that wasn’t made by any­body else before. In my tracks I can’t see any images, but only I can feel some kind of emo­tions, for example nos­talgy, sad­ness, fear, hope etc. Because of reas­ons above I didn’t named my tracks, but just numbered them, so every listen­er of my music can make his own opin­ion about every single track (not sup­pose to feel some­thing because of some title of track). The order of tracks is import­ant, and it seems to me it should be heard in order from 1 to 9. I numbered the tracks after I made them. While mak­ing music I didn’t use any paper . I’m mak­ing my music on elec­tron­ic instru­ments, con­nec­ted with com­puters, and by com­puter soft­ware I’m stor­ing all I’ve made, and then I’m mak­ing some­times some cor­rec­tions.

Track­list / PLAY

Music: Mar­cel Pequel
Cov­er-Art­work: Mari­an Rein­ig



Visciera — Six Bits Of Black Broken Glass

This thing — nobody knows what it was or where it came from — fell down right in front of me and broke. Now the pieces reflect what’s around …

There is a tree and me,
things afire while oth­ers aspire,
car­bon and pain,
con­crete and gain,
life and death and relent­less­ness.


Vis­ci­era is Flori­an Cziesla

All tracks writ­ten, pro­duced and mixed by Flori­an Cziesla
All tracks mastered by Cem Oral at Jam­min Mas­ters
Art­work by Vic­tor­ia Kure-Wu



The Plastic Jazz Orchestra — 39°

When talk­ing about music with people, for say­ing things like “this beat is taken from …”    i often get replys like: “yeah maybe, but i like it any­ways.” If there wouldn’t be these “but, any­ways” i’d be fine with it. We’re all stuck in the 18th cen­tury men­tally. In the Middle Ages “com­ponere” still had the ori­gin­al mean­ing of “to enclose”. It was taken for gran­ted to derive new chor­ales from older ones. Usu­ally parts of such com­pounds were com­posed but not com­pletely new works. Whole works were craf­ted (=facere) which is a facile idea of mech­an­ic humil­ity, some­thing we should care about.”
(Bernd Burn­son)

The Plastic Jazz Orches­tra was formed by Bernd Burn­son in late 2006 as an ensemble elec­tro­nique for mod­ern music. Tra­gic­ally Bernd Burn­son passed away in sum­mer 2007 and left behind a bunch of young people determ­ined to cre­ate some­thing com­pletely dif­fer­ent, some­thing new in terms of music­al expres­sion. So the tracks from ’39°’ by The Plastic Jazz Orches­tra had nev­er been com­pos­i­tions in their ori­gins but hand­craf­ted pieces of what we call music.

Track­list / PLAY
  1. 33 cent
  2. Mosa­ic
  3. Steps, Stairs, Moun­tains and Val­leys
  4. Jazz Solo
  5. Hold [The Plastic Jazz Orches­tra Remix] Hands
  6. Roul­ette
  7. Bye Bye Altai
  8. C’mon Kids
  9. Neon Fly
  10. Elong­ated Vec­tor Gym­nast

Music: Clem­ens Wegen­er
Cov­er Art­work: Paul Wolter­ing (front) + head­phon­ica (back)

this album is released in friendly coopra­tion with 2419 record label.

donate some PROPS! if you like or buy the lim­ited CDR edi­tion at the plastic band­camp-site.