Jan Grünfeld – Music for plants

»Hello, I am Jan Grünfeld and this is my album “Music for plants”. When you read the title, you expect no rock’n’roll, indie or pop. Of course, the music is pretty ambient. The key ingredients for a successful track are therefore: good soil, a suntrap, occasionally rain and fresh air. Well and headphones!

The tracks are based on a live improvisation with electric guitar and a looping machine. I recorded the music in the summer of 2014 on a huge balcony of an old villa in Bad Muskau, right at the German-Polish border a very arcadian place!

During the last and this year I’ve done a few overdubs, again mainly guitar, a little piano and bass – the most important thing is to remain the live improvisations. In “Nightshade” I tried a different way of working: a vocal line distorded by the vocoder and arranged a few chilly patterns around. Every album needs a counterpoint.

I got active support of Anna Maria with singing and with her special toy orchestra. Some beautiful field-recordings were given by Bartek and Ian (my SoundCloud followers). The beautiful video to “Sower” made my labelmate Tommy.

Inspirations during the recording came from the music of Talk Talk in 1989, a few older Krautrock records and the first album by The Orb.

The highly popular title “Music for Plants” I’ve also chosen to get random hits on Google. Yes, it works! The music is free, like a suntrap. The plants grow better with my music! But not turn up too loud! And do not forget to water!«

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Music: Jan Grünfeld
Cover Artwork: Marian Reinig

“Music for plants” is a joint release by La bèl & Headphonica.


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