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»Hello, I am Jan Grün­feld and this is my album “Music for plants”. When you read the title, you expect no rock­’n’roll, indie or pop. Of course, the music is pretty ambi­ent. The key ingredi­ents for a suc­cess­ful track are there­fore: good soil, a sun­trap, occa­sion­ally rain and fresh air. Well and head­phones!

The tracks are based on a live impro­visa­tion with elec­tric gui­tar and a loop­ing machine. I recor­ded the music in the sum­mer of 2014 on a huge bal­cony of an old villa in Bad Muskau, right at the Ger­man-Pol­ish bor­der a very arca­di­an place!

Dur­ing the last and this year I’ve done a few over­dubs, again mainly gui­tar, a little piano and bass — the most import­ant thing is to remain the live impro­visa­tions. In “Night­shade” I tried a dif­fer­ent way of work­ing: a vocal line dis­torded by the vocoder and arranged a few chilly pat­terns around. Every album needs a coun­ter­point.

I got act­ive sup­port of Anna Maria with singing and with her spe­cial toy orches­tra. Some beau­ti­ful field-record­ings were giv­en by Bartek and Ian (my Sound­Cloud fol­low­ers). The beau­ti­ful video to “Sower” made my labelmate Tommy.

Inspir­a­tions dur­ing the record­ing came from the music of Talk Talk in 1989, a few older Krautrock records and the first album by The Orb.

The highly pop­u­lar title “Music for Plants” I’ve also chosen to get ran­dom hits on Google. Yes, it works! The music is free, like a sun­trap. The plants grow bet­ter with my music! But not turn up too loud! And do not for­get to water!«

Track­list / PLAY
  1. Sower
  2. UP!
  3. Come Gentle Spring, Come At Win­ter­’s End
  4. Full Bloom
  5. The Night­shade
  6. Youth takes it’s bow
  7. Feel alife

Music: Jan Grün­feld
Cov­er Art­work: Mari­an Rein­ig

Music for plants” is a joint release by La bèl & Head­phon­ica.


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