Jan Grünfeld — Ich liebe es

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  1. glob­al warn­ing
  2. enjoy the silence
  3. rosen­rot
  4. woods of mötzel­bach
  5. spiel krieg
  6. tv serie
  7. freien­orla camp
  8. mul­house rock
  9. still
  10. end rico
  11. im traum
»this works you are listen­ing are actu­ally recor­ded in the nice tour­ist town Dresden where I lived for 4 years and on sev­er­al places in germany/thuringia and denmark/sjaeland
I recor­ded all with an old 4‑track, one old min­idisc-record­er, two old gui­tars and some old ped­als and a brand new note­book
Enrico Wut­tke aka Flim helped me out with some Fieldre­cord­ings and beau­ti­ful Piano Pieces
new tracks are grow­ing every day on my min­idisc-walk­man I record woods, highways/autobahnen, shop­ping cen­ters, farms, chil­dren rooms, camp­ing sites, rehearsel rooms and roofgar­dens …etc and myself and my friends and fam­ilys
since spring 2007 i live on a farm in thuringia, ger­many
to be con­tin­ued«


Music: Jan Grün­feld
Cov­er Art­work: Mari­an Rein­ig



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