Marcel Pequel — From One To Nine

I don’t have any con­ecp­tion while mak­ing my music. I just simply make the music that I enjoy, and that wasn’t made by any­body else before. In my tracks I can’t see any images, but only I can feel some kind of emo­tions, for example nos­talgy, sad­ness, fear, hope etc. Because of reas­ons above I didn’t named my tracks, but just numbered them, so every listen­er of my music can make his own opin­ion about every single track (not sup­pose to feel some­thing because of some title of track). The order of tracks is import­ant, and it seems to me it should be heard in order from 1 to 9. I numbered the tracks after I made them. While mak­ing music I didn’t use any paper . I’m mak­ing my music on elec­tron­ic instru­ments, con­nec­ted with com­puters, and by com­puter soft­ware I’m stor­ing all I’ve made, and then I’m mak­ing some­times some cor­rec­tions.

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Music: Mar­cel Pequel
Cov­er-Art­work: Mari­an Rein­ig