Phonotrash — Elsewhere

Else­where was recor­ded in winter 2010 in our rehears­al place. The line-up was Tomaž/bass, Simon/guitar and Borut/drums. We used an old elec­tron­ic drum­set with, an elec­tric gui­tar with low budget fx-units, an elec­tric bass gui­tar with fx unit and bass gui­tar synth. Everything was recor­ded, edited and mixed in a d.i.y. meth­od. The aim was to cre­ate very organ­ic and ali­en sound­ing lo-fi music.

Track­list / PLAY
  1. 4th Dimen­sion
  2. Time Bend­ing
  3. 100 Miles
  4. Astro Glam
  5. Else­where
  6. Scan­ners
  7. Star­dust
  8. Tele­port­ing
  9. Quantum Bubbles
  10. Worm­hole

el. Gui­tar: Simon Ber­goč
Bass Gui­tar: Tomaž Valenčič
el. Drums: Bor­ut Matičič

Cov­er Art­work: Mari­an Rein­ig