Strom An/Ein/Aus Fall — st

East Ger­many in the 90’s was a comatose place, so where to waste your time there? Of course we do in fic­tion­al worlds like “Sarasa­land” or “Cro­codile Isle”. Bound to our child­hood adven­tures we still enjoy the Nin­tendo Game Boy game con­sole, but now for real chal­lenges in pop­u­lar music.

Strom An/Ein/Aus Fall are the bioin­form­atician “But­ton A” also known as 2Pol and the artist “But­ton B”.

Track­list / PLAY
  1. Sach­er­torte
  2. Cut­s’N’Maus
  3. 110
  4. Res­cue the mater­i­al girl
  5. Es ist nicht schön allein zu sein
  6. Kill Kitty
  7. Erich

Mas­ter­ing: Clem­ens Kyn­ast
Cov­er Art­work:  Mari­an Rein­ig

The Release was recor­ded in 2012.