The Basic Income Earth Network — The Art Of Boredom I

Bore­dom is an emo­tion­al state exper­i­enced when an indi­vidu­al is left without any­thing in par­tic­u­lar to do, and not inter­ested in their sur­round­ings. (Quote: Wiki­pe­dia)

The Basic Income Earth Net­work is a net­work of aca­dem­ics and act­iv­ists inter­ested in the idea of a uni­ver­sal basic income, i.e. a guar­an­teed min­im­um income based solely on cit­izen­ship and not on work require­ment or char­ity. It serves as a link between indi­vidu­als and groups com­mit­ted to or inter­ested in basic income, and fosters informed dis­cus­sion on this top­ic through­out the world. (Quote: Wiki­pe­dia)

The music was recor­ded in a 4 hours last­ing live impro­visa­tion in the col­legi­ate radio-stu­dio of Bauhaus.FM (Wei­mar, Ger­many).

Every hour had a head­line. Every head­line gave the words to the sing­er.

1 The Art Of Bore­dom
2 If I Had Money, I Would Have Money
3 Ver­arbeite, Was Dich Ver­arbeitet
4 If Not Now, When?

The music is made out of voice. There is nearly no oth­er instru­ment been used.

Track­list / PLAY
  1. The Art Of Bore­dom I
  2. The Art Of Bore­dom II
  3. If I Had Money, I Would Have Money I
  4. If I Had Money, I Would Have Money II
  5. If I Had Money, I Would Have Money III
  6. If I Had Money, I Would Have Money IV
  7. If I Had Money, I Would Have Money V
  8. Ver­arbeite, Was Dich Ver­arbeitet I
  9. Ver­arbeite, Was Dich Ver­arbeitet II
  10. Ver­arbeite, Was Dich Ver­arbeitet III
  11. If Not Now, When? I
  12. If Not Now, When? II
  13. If Not Now, When? III
  14. If Not Now, When? IV

Music: Tommy Neuwirth

Pho­to­graphy: Rafael Jové
Graph­ic-Design: Mari­an Rein­ig

this record­ing is only avail­able as mp3 320kps because the record­ing qual­ity was not bet­ter. lossless formats would have been a lie.