The Plastic Jazz Orchestra — 39°

When talk­ing about music with people, for say­ing things like “this beat is taken from …”    i often get replys like: “yeah maybe, but i like it any­ways.” If there would­n’t be these “but, any­ways” i’d be fine with it. We’re all stuck in the 18th cen­tury men­tally. In the Middle Ages “com­ponere” still had the ori­gin­al mean­ing of “to enclose”. It was taken for gran­ted to derive new chor­ales from older ones. Usu­ally parts of such com­pounds were com­posed but not com­pletely new works. Whole works were craf­ted (=facere) which is a facile idea of mech­an­ic humil­ity, some­thing we should care about.”
(Bernd Burn­son)

The Plastic Jazz Orches­tra was formed by Bernd Burn­son in late 2006 as an ensemble elec­tro­nique for mod­ern music. Tra­gic­ally Bernd Burn­son passed away in sum­mer 2007 and left behind a bunch of young people determ­ined to cre­ate some­thing com­pletely dif­fer­ent, some­thing new in terms of music­al expres­sion. So the tracks from ’39°’ by The Plastic Jazz Orches­tra had nev­er been com­pos­i­tions in their ori­gins but hand­craf­ted pieces of what we call music.

Track­list / PLAY
  1. 33 cent
  2. Mosa­ic
  3. Steps, Stairs, Moun­tains and Val­leys
  4. Jazz Solo
  5. Hold [The Plastic Jazz Orches­tra Remix] Hands
  6. Roul­ette
  7. Bye Bye Altai
  8. C’mon Kids
  9. Neon Fly
  10. Elong­ated Vec­tor Gym­nast

Music: Clem­ens Wegen­er
Cov­er Art­work: Paul Wolter­ing (front) + head­phon­ica (back)

this album is released in friendly coopra­tion with 2419 record label.

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