Various Myspace Artists — Thanks for the add!

Friend­ship is deep and mys­ter­i­ous.
Just as myspace.
Just as music.

Track­list / PLAY
  1. Dos cin­cuenta y cuatro Een Pian­ist?
  2. Ebony Con­certo Shmuel!
  3. TV Chan­nel 17 [Remixx] MC Ina
  4. Onions on Your Fin­gers Musica da cucina
  5. Cas­sowary Ergo Phizm­iz
  6. Sin­bads Salad Anti­thet­ic­al
  7. Aar­gh! Head­phon­er
  8. Dr. Del­gado’s Fam­ous Elec­trodes Miss­ing Man Found­a­tion
  9. Chakrasam­vara Èmilie Payeur
  10. The Ghosts of Christ­mas Presents Thee Moths
  11. A Fluff­ing Dis­tor­tion Plane Atom­ic Orches­tra
  12. Art-I-Cell Prof. Neut­rino
  13. You Reflect Me Rock­et No.9
  14. Fairytale M3000
  15. Har­lem Clip Gust­av Rupp­ke
  16. Mi gata Car­lota Una niña mal­vada
  17. Crazy in Love Ant­o­nio Con­ta­dor
  18. Phon­ema Michel Banab­ila
  19. II mr&mrsBrian
  20. Izdih Kobay­ashii, Breda and Woo
  21. Thor­as Inferno Beneva vs. Clark Nova
  22. There’s no reas­on to be alone Green.Means.Love

Cov­er Art­work: Mari­an Rein­ig

This down­load was also released in a lim­ited edi­tion of 25 numbered CDs as a gift for the involved artists.

By the way: Thanks for the add [of your music]!


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