Visciera — Happiness

It has been a few months now, since I have pub­lished my first music­al release, a six track EP named “Six Bits Of Black Broken Glass”. At that time, there were already some new ideas float­ing around, which now have become anoth­er release called “Hap­pi­ness”. It is much more con­cep­tu­al, coher­ent and full of small ref­er­ences — intern­al ones, that glue togeth­er the songs and extern­al ones, that embody my deep admir­a­tion to artists that influ­enced this. I hope you’ll enjoy listen­ing to it and maybe dis­cov­er one or anoth­er of these ref­er­ences.”

Track­list / PLAY
  1. Me Burn­ing
  2. Black­box­cripplema­chine
  3. Writ­ten in Red
  4. Hap­pines
  5. Rap­ture
  6. Love
  7. Watch The Room Burst

All tracks writ­ten, pro­duced and mixed by Flori­an Cziesla

Mas­ter­ing: Cem Oral at Jam­min Mas­ters
Cov­er-Art­work:  Vic­tor­ia Kure-Wu